Saturday, October 11, 2008


The name of Ryan Adams' band's new album is Cardinology. I've heard about 8 of the 11 songs so far and am really excited about it. In fact, I've just pre-ordered a copy of it from Amazon, along wth a biography of the company Blackwater and a book by Naomi Klein called "The End of America". It should be interesting.

I'm bummed that Ryan isn't coming to the Continent for this tour, only the UK in November. Maybe in the new year, but I'll tell you, the show of his I saw in November last year in London was superb. I would definitely travel to see him play provided it worked out. But in November my parents are visiting and we're going to Barcelona together and so that is out.

He's playing in LA 8 days before I arrive in December. This happens often with my travels, but it's okay. Those are the breaks of being a jet-setter. No, I've never ridden in a jet (that I know of) and I'm no much of a setter but I am living that life, albeit in miniscule imitation. I have flown more than 20 times this year, for the 3rd or 4th year in a row. Only once was in business classs and that was a random upgrade. I will have visited 13 countries on different continents. My 4th year in a row with more than 100 days of vacation.

Granted, I've slept in some pretty awful hotels (Panajachel, Santa Rosa de Copan, Leon, Antigua, etc)and had some strange sleepng arrangements (Amsterdam, Brasov). I've eaten a lot of crappy food, and I don't just mean fast food and oreos. I'm talking about food of unknown provenance and cleanliness, nearly unbearable bathroom facilities and blah blah blah. That must all be taken into account. It's true, I "jet-setted" into somewhat undesirable areas but hey man, you don't always know where you're landing, right?


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