Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain = Bush = ...

McCain = Bush = trespassing ticket at public event?


I guess you should watch the video before thinking too much about it but let me ask you this:

1)Bush is fundraising for McCain.
2)McCain wants to make Bush's tax cuts permanent.
3)McCain is the big surge backer.
4)They are in the same political party.
5)It was a public event.
6)Who is in charge here? A representative from the Secret Service made the guy in the white suit get a policeman to give a 60-year old librarian a trespassing ticket. Is there no accountability for who exactly made that decision.
7)Did McCain know about her being removed?
8)Was it his decision?
9)If he knew nothing about it, who decided she could not stay on public property?
10)How has McCain reacted to this?

That's a good start I guess... check out the video!


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