Monday, July 07, 2008

Making the most

Man, the past 2+ weeks have been great. There was great football and then only mostly working on Wednesdays and Thursdays after some of the other classes' semesters had ended.

Take today for example... I woke up sometime around 9, went into the city with Franziska where I made copies of an exam I needed, I bought two new leather necklaces because the two I have now are getting old and I want them to be good for the trip. I also went to the ATM to try out a new bank card that I want to take to Central America. In fact, the last bank statement I got from them has turned into a "ticket to Central America" for me because as soon as it hit a certain amount, ~2700 euros, I knew that I officially had enough money to leave Freiburg for two months this summer. I got that about 6 months ago and it's been taped to desk so I would always see it and now it's in my box that is slowly overflowing with stuff going to California and Central America.

After doing those things, I came home and went jogging, took a shower and shaved and then went down to the supermarket with my roomie to get some things, namely apples, pudding, some schnitzel and egg noodles for dinner tonight.

It's now 2:28pm and I have the rest of the day free. I'm jamming out to some live Crowes from Philly from July 2nd and going to watch some more WWII documentary in a bit...

I guess you could say that I like my life here (again).


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