Monday, July 14, 2008

In 2 and a half weeks

Franziska and I will be in Costa Rica.

I've been doing research the past weeks, slowly but surely and a route is beginning to develop. It looks like our 6-week trip to Central America will look something like this (while being totally open to change at all times)

week 1 - NW Costa Rican beach town (Playa del Coco?), and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
week 2 - Ometepe Island and Granada
week 3 - Leon and Eastern El Salvador
week 4 - Gracias, Honduras and Copan ruins
week 5 - Rio Dulce and Tikal, Guatemala
week 6 - Huehuetenango and Antigua

There are plenty of openings and uncertainties along the way, namely:
*how will we get from Leon to Eastern El Salvador?
*should we fly from Flores (Tikal) to Guatemala or take a bus?
*which town should we spend the first days of the trip in?
*which national parks and natural reserves, volcanoes and Mayan ruins should we visit?
*where should we couchsurf and where should we get hotels?
*what is our budget?

Our budget has not been discussed yet but here's a basic idea:
42 days *** prices in dollars
transportation 400 (10bucks/day)
accomodation 850 (20 bucks/day)
food/drink 600 (15 bucks/day)
museums, etc. 450 (10 bucks/ day)
misc. 600 (15 bucks/day)
2900 dollars (70 bucks/day)

70 bucks/day as of today's exchange rate (thanks is: $1.58 = 1euro.

That means our projected budget is 45 euros/day as a couple. I'm sure that it can be done for less than that but you also see that I have made the budget as if we stay in a hotel/pension every night, and 15 bucks/day for miscellaneous, whether it be mosquito repellant, an extra bottle of wine, a nicer bus or room, probably won't be used every day but you never know. We will most likely spend a couple of hundred bucks on souvenirs as well.

The beautiful thing is that I already have all of that money for the trip sitting in my bank account. I won't have to go into debt to do it. That is a GREAT feeling. I'm going to try and rent out my room for the two months I'm gone but even if I have to pay the rent for those two months, I can afford it. That is a good feeling. I live a pretty low key lifestyle, with my crappy, hand-me-down television, old and beat up apartment and no car, but I'm totally okay with that. This is the sacrifice I make and now we see what I sacrifice it for.


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