Monday, June 23, 2008

travel update (part 2)

Rome is up in the air. We've paid 200euros for the tix and it's a friday to monday trip. We're going to Central America in 5 weeks and finances and time are becoming factors. I may try and exchange the tix for a trip to Hamburg in early October and to Barcelona in November if those dates become on sale before the 4th of July. We could still very well go. You might find us in Rome in 11 days, who knows? I'll keep ya updated.

I moved a washing machine from the 4th floor or one building and was planning on bringing it up to the 4th floor of my building but it fell on the neighbor's toe as we lifted it onto the first step! We set it off to the side and will try again tomorrow. Props to Gregg for helping me bring that little beast down.

Gregg and I witnessed a few minutes of intense rain/hail as we got the washing machine into my building, it was impressive.


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