Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting their ass kicked

Germany looked sorry last night in their EuroCup match against Croatia. They looked jetlagged, totally out of sorts but they're still in it going into their last game against host Austria in game that now means something even more after Austria tied Poland 1-1 last night. If Germany wins, they move onto the second round. If they tie Austria and then Croatia wins or ties Poland, they move on. If they tie and Poland wins, they will both have 4 points in second place. Then it is determined by goals. Right now Germany has 3 goals and Poland has 1. In this last scenario, Germany can still move onto the second round if they tie and Poland beats Croatia by less than 2 goals. If it is exactly two goals, it might then be calculated as goals given up, I'm not sure.

It was raining cats and dogs after the game and we had to stand under the overhang of the beer garden for 20 minutes. Then to Walfisch and met two bands from America who were chillin out, I think they were called the Bones and Sick of it All.

I didn't sleep well last night. I was tired and hungover and out of it but chick F and I went down to Edeka and bought some stuff for breakfast and then we had a nice breakfast with my two roommates and funny discussions in German about diarreaha(sic) and smashing bugs. I didn't know that chicks would talk at length about stuff like that.

Then I graded 6 exams from my business English university down by the Swiss border. The grades in this group are not so good and I'm basically sure which group is which. It's frustrating grading these things because the handwriting is usually hurried and often I'm not totally sure what the person meant. Talk about some grammar problems, man! The school wants me to teach complicated stuff and they are making some pretty big mistakes, even some I told them not to make. Anyway, I got done the basic minimum work and now I'm chillin. Chick F is sitting next to me reading the first part of a 2000-page book called "The Man Without Qualities". Yes, I told her to skip paragraphs but she seems to be enjoying it. Different strokes, right?


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