Saturday, May 31, 2008

South Dakota

So two couchsurfers from South Dakota should be showing up sometime soon. Chick F is on her way over and I think all of us with new roommate Eva are going down to the punk bar for dinner. I could cook but I think that that it's too late (ironically we will end up eating later because we'll have to order the food but).

I went to an English Department student body party last night with two other teachers from the university. There were also some students with us and we made a nice little party. I then went to an old roommate's birthday party on my way home and finally got home around 1.15am.

Tomorrow at 10am I have an artist meeting with other artists from iran, japan, germany and america for an international exhibition, should be interesting. Will go to the gym with Fox after that and then have the afternoon to chill and grade some homework.

I also put together my Romania photo album, it's not perfect but it's tangible and people can see it now if they like.

I'll fill ya in on more as details come... :)


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