Friday, May 02, 2008


If you set your Ipod or mp3 player to random, tell us what the first 10 songs that came up are... here are mine!
1)”Go On” - Jack Johnson/ Sleep Through the Static
2)”Sun Surrounds Me” - Beachwood Sparks/ Once We Were Trees
3)”Come Pick Me Up” - Ryan Adams/ Heartbreaker
4)”Ain’t So Lonely” - Lucero/ Tennessee
5)”Breakerfall” - Pearl Jam/ Breakerfall
6)”Batter of Evermore” - Led Zeppelin/ Zeppelin IV
7)”Come Candela(live)” - Mongo Santamaria/ Afro Blue
8)”Solitaire” - Jesse Malin/ Fine Art of Self-Destruction
9)”Smackwater Jack” -Carole King/ Tapestry
10)”Be the One” - Little Barrie / We Are Little Barrie


At 8:26 AM, Blogger Mike Why said...

Hey man! I saw a singer here in SF the other night. You might like him. Google "Sean Hayes" +music and you'll find him. I'll send ya something too.

How are the book plans coming?



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