Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Last Will and Testament

Don't get too excited, I just found it in a box I had. It was written 2 years and one month ago. Of course some things are outdated and will need to be changed but with my 34th birthday coming up on Friday night at midnight, what a great time to see what's important to me now.

I woke up in Cluj-Napoca, Romania today, had breakfast with my hosts, took a bus into town, wandered around for some time, checked email, went to a cafe with one of the hosts, was picked up by another at the church and then went to a cafe where another was, and when I left, I left my cell phone there and one of the girls took a taxi with her boyfriend to bring it to me at the airport, my flight was late and I barely made the train and then it was going to be close getting the tram in freiburg but it was mysteriously 7 minutes late (something that never happens) and I made it home to the nest. Listening to Jack Johnson which is so right and mellow now, going to be soon. Cheers...


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