Thursday, May 01, 2008

May 1

I was out with 6 other English teachers last night from 7-12 last night and boy did we tie one on. It had been years since we'd all hung out and it was a great time. 9 pitchers for 7 people and apparently 3 of them stayed until 2am even!

Today is a holiday. I didn't have to work today and that's best for everyone involved. I went into the city, had some chili cheese poppers with Chick F, then chilled at Augustiner Platz for an hour and read and then a buddy came by and talked about a project he's working on called global generation. I'm going to contribute some photos, writing, clothing and who knows what else.

I came home, half asleep, ate a pizza and now Germany's Next Top Model is starting and I'm going to watch with my 2 chick roommates. I want to take it easy tonight because last night, as a I said was a successful mission.

Speaking of successful missions, today is exactly 5 years since Bush was on a aircraft carrier declaring "major combat operations in Iraq have been" concluded and "America and her allies have prevailed". They tried to say that now that that banner was meant for that particular ship because THEIR mission was over. Well apparently not. The USS Abraham Lincoln is on its way to the Persian Gulf. Fantastic...


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