Friday, May 16, 2008

Drinking with a Revolutionary

I arrived in Sibiu in the afternoon and spent the whole evening in a cafe waiting for my host. He wasn't able to arrive until about 12.40am but that's couchsurfing, ya gotta be flexible. We went to a cellar bar where 3 of his friends were already a few sheets to the wind: one a journalist, another an actor and the third a "revolutionary from 89". They insisted I drink some local liquor with them and it was horrifically large and strong and went down like swallowing something that shouldn't be meant for consumption. These were not people I was going to disappoint however. I was unable to ask about what kind of revolutionary but that's how he was introduced.

I had the most comfortable bed of the trip so far but unfortunately only was in it from 2.20am to 7.45am so not enough yet again. I took 3 trains to Cluj, about 6 hours away and it was a long afternoon but interesting. I met a young woman who is a banking student who had taken the train more than 3 hours just to take an exam and then, on her "vacation day" which she had to take in order to go to Sibiu to take the exam, planned to go into the office that afternoon. She said her job will pay her about 300euros/month, more than the average job in Romania but quite disturbing information. She spoke of the expensive train, paying 3euros for a 3+-hour ride and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I have made 300euros on numerous days and that a 3 hour train ride in Germany would cost about a third of her monthly salary.

Now I'm in the French department of the university in Cluj-Napoca. My hosts are doing a cartoon workshop and just informed two of the students that they have won free trips to france for their drawings.

I'm flying home tomorrow and with luck will be in my apartment around 12.30am. Cheers...


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