Tuesday, May 13, 2008

couchsurfing stats

So I'm up here early, about 7.35am after having gone to bed around 1:15am because it's cold, my nose was stuffed and the 3 chairs put together for my bed were a bit uncomfortable but hey, who's complaining?

I thought I would try to convey some couchsurfing stats for ya'll, something I was thinking about last night going to bed...

1)Ukraine: Kiev, hanging out with the person
2)Estonia: Tallinn, hanging out; Tartu, first time sleeping somewhere
3)Latvia: Riga, stayed with the person
4)Lithuania: Vilnius
5)Germany: Cologne
6)Netherlands: Amsterdam 4 times, Utrecht and Alkmaar
7)Italy: Naples and Salerno
8)USA: New York and Boston
9)Ireland: Cork
10)Norway: Oslo, Narvik
11)Hungary: Sopron
12)Slovakia: Bratislava
13)Austria: Vienna
14)France: Strasbourg
15)Greece: Athens
16)Turkey: Istanbul, Antalya, Selcuk, Bursa
17)Argentina: Tucuman, Salta, Tilcara
18)Paraguay: Asuncion
19)Bolivia: Sucre
20)Peru: Arequipa
21)Montenegro: near Kotor, Herceg Novi
22)Romania: Brasov, Sighisoara

So, that looks like 22 countries with about 34 cities. Amsterdam 4 times. Istanbul 2 different hosts. I think it's about 92 days' worth of either being hosted or hanging with strangers, some of whom now are my friends. Rome in July and Central America this summer will add to those stats, as will Sibiu and/or Cluj in the next days.

I'm tired. :)


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