Monday, May 26, 2008

Antigua, baby!

Yesterday I booked a timeshare for Chick F and I in Guatemala. It will be the last 5 days of our trip in Central America. I'm hoping it will be convenient to the old town of Antigua where the timeshare is located. We also plan to spend the first couple of nights in a nice hotel in Costa Rica. Assiyeah and I did the same in Lima, Peru two years ago and ending in a nice hotel was definitely the way for us to go. After some rough travelling and adventurous couchsurfing, having a resort to finish off the long journey sounds fantastic.

Today is my first 5 day work week in a long time. I'm sure you feel bad for me... Granted, I only have a 90-minute private lesson on Friday but still, after having barely worked for 2+ weeks, a full week is gonna kill me! hahhahaha

But it's all worth it because two months from today I will have my first full day of a two-month holiday and I can't wait. A week in SoCal and then 6 weeks in Central America and then another 2 weeks in California including a Black Crowes concert and San Francisco. It's going to be an epic summer.

My new roommate should move in tonight. I've already had one new roommate the past couple of months and she and I get along well and so I'm hoping this third one will add even more synergy to the group. I knew she would be the new roommate when she told me that she was originally from Bratislava, not a week after Chick F and I had returned from there. She even has family in the same neighborhood (Dubravka) of Bratislava where we stayed a couple of nights! I guess it was meant to be.

Lakers are up 2-1 in the series. A political pundit on Fox News jokingly referred to the assasination of Barack Obama. More than 8 billion dollars in contracts in Iraq cannot be accounted for. Sounds like same ol same ol to me...


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