Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I was up at 6.40am, checked emails, showered, and left Chick F in bed to go to work at Studentenwerk. I had to teach some beginners. We spoke about dinner last night, plans for the Pentacost week and then we learned the present perfect. I'm guessing many of you don't know about what that is exactly but basically it's the "have + 3rd form aka past participle", like: I HAVE WORKED there for 5 years, I HAVE RIDDEN a motorcycle before" and so on but the problem is that in German "Ich habe gearbeitet" (I have worked) is clearly the past tense for them, it's over, you don't work there anymore. So it's difficult to try and get them to not think in German when practicing but it's tough.

My second class was with 2 lawyers. We read an article from the LA Times from December, the former chief prosecutor of the military commissions at Guatanamo Bay. He resigned his position because of the many improprieties he said the government's political appointees have been involved with. He could not, in good conscience, continue his job. There were many new words that the laywers learned: rigged, quagmire, intermingling, etc.

I made some photocopies for my classes tomorrow, picked up 100euros worth of photographs, some of which I am taking to Romania and planning to do a spontaneous exhibition somewhere. I finished grading the rest of the exams (it turns out that the two missing exams aren't missing at all, the students didn't take the exam, phew), went jogging and had some mushroom soup for late lunch and now I'm here listening to the Howard Stern show.

A friend from Estonia is coming tonight. I haven't seen him in 3+ years. I first met him in Tallinn, he was the first couchsurfer that I'd really ever hung out with, getting somewhat crazy with him 3 nights in Tallinn, including hearing a local band play "Sweet Home California" for me around 2am one night.

I have a teacher dinner tonight at 7.30pm and then I'll see him tonight. He's gonna crash at my place tonight. I have to work 10:15-7:30pm tomorrow and then I'm gonna chill out before getting up at 6:30am to start my journey to Dortmund where my flight for Bucarest leaves from.



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