Thursday, February 14, 2008

One more and then...

I drank my first beer of the day at 10.15am while getting paid 45 dollars/hour. The second was at 12.15pm, the third at 2.15pm. Now I have to drink one more beer with students at 6pm and by 7.30pm I should be home and not have to work again until March 10th! That makes me very, very happy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In 2 days I'll be in California.
In 5 weeks I'll be in Bratislava.
In 2 months I'll be in Amsterdam.
In 3 months I'll be in Romania.
In 6 months I'll be in Central America.
In 10 months I'll be in California.

1)What will I do in 4-5 months? :)

I bought my train ticket for California today. 9.57am I'm on the way to Frankfurt and then a direct flight to Los Angeles. I'll be eating Chipotle for dinner. The next day is completely wide open but perfect weather is expected.

I have lottery tickets for tonight. I hope I win.

I called the German Social Security and they said that 8700 euros will be temporarily waived until next year when my income/expenses will be reviewed again. Starting in April I have to pay an extra 50 euros/month for the 1300 euros of the original 10,000 euro backpayment. It could be worse. That will be 245 euros/month to some unknown future. Thanks, responsibility and laws!

I'm listening to Howard Stern now with a rapper named Flo-rida as he gets ready to sing his number one single. They brought in a stripper for Howard while they sing.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

4 in a row

I have been buying a lot of plane tickets again lately and my year's worth of holidays is pretty much all figured out with a couple of little holes here and there...

Jan 1-3 was in California still
Feb 15-Mar 8 Orange County and San Francisco
Mar 20-29 Bratislava and Vienna
Apr 10-13 Amsterdam
May 9-20 Romania
Jul 25 - Sep 20 Orange County and Central America
Dec 12-28 Orange County

That, my friends, appears to be 120 days worth of vacation this year. My highest was in 2005 with 126 days so that record is definitely in jeopardy. I'm most definitely still out of control...

One of my roommates had a going-away party two nights ago and she's on her way to Australia for 8 months. I saw Assiyeah there for the first time socially since we'd broken up, like in a social setting besides her coming over to watch LOST with the roommates and it went okay. I'm glad that I cleared that hurdle, it's a big one in some ways. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy skeezy but I did it and it was fine.

I organized a dinner last night for 11 people from 5 countries. We all spoke in English and German and it was great going from one language to another fluidly, definitely a casual cultural experience I never got too much back home in California, a place I will be in 6 days!

Sorry, let me repeat. I'm going to be in California in 6 days. That's a magical thing to be able to say. It's been so good for me that I can go home so often because it helps me keep in touch with my people and also my homeland because somehow I have made it seem that my Californianess was something that set me apart and in order for me to be able to walk the walk, I've got to go back a lot to prove how fucking great it is. And I don't want to live there right now, no way, I'd have to work too much and not get enough holiday, have to have a car and drive to/from thanks! But to go there and hang with family and friends and eat out every night and get free drinks at my buddy's bar, perfect weather, my parents' kick ass house, of course it's a huge treat to go home.

I had only planned on talking about the holidays booked but I guess you got a little more...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I had a pre-intermediate class this evening from 6-7:30pm in the university. There were only 7 of 13 students, probably because of the end of the semester but they were 6 women and one man from ukraine (2), china, korea, poland, india, and estonia. We learned the word "salary" and I said it is perfect year normally but sometimes in Germany they measure it by month. I then asked them what salary they hope to earn after their studies come to a close. The answers ranged from 1500-3000euros/month after taxes.

It was great to see the Ukranian guy's face when the Ukranian chick hoped to make 2000euros/month in Lviv. He was like, "yeah, right bitch!" It was classic. I then showed them with 2000 euros per month in a town live Lviv (a place I have not been but can 'imagine') I would be throwing money in the air and have lots of girlfriends. Man, they were rolling on that one. Now I got them all with nicknames, some told me what they were and some I had to make up so now I have: Zozschutzka (i didn't make that one up), Teeny, Abu, Kubic, Sunny and Boo-ya. Great stuff, I think they're starting to like it.

I have been trying to convince the 25-year old Chinese girl that she needs to get drunk and go to a disco. She said she has never danced in her life, I couldn't believe it. This chick lives in a shared flat wtih 15 people who are partying up a storm like no man's business and she's not a part of it. I told her to go out with the korean girl, get drunk and let her take you dancing the korean chick was totally into it.

I was paid 50euros for those 90 minutes.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

5 days

Haha, sorry, I guess I have been living more than documenting life as of late. I'm sure you'll forgive me but I can't help myself, there's a lot going on. Right now, however, I'm chilling on my bed, just out of the shower after having jogged, am feeling very relaxed and wondering how I'm still gonna be able to whoop it up in 7 hours when the Super Bowl starts. My friend Gregg went to New York for 2 days for the Super Bowl because his friend bought the ticket based on a bet they had made. The weather is beautiful right now.

I spoke with the German Social Security and nothing is official but there is a good possibility that they will give me a waiver of approximately 85% of whatever I would have owed them. Think about that. I thought I was going to have to pay 10,000 euros as a backpayment and now it appears that that number could be as low as 1,500 euros I have to pay them back. It's part of the best of the worst-case scenario.

I'm working on easter plans. It looks like Bratislava/Vienna for 9 days. In May I've got Romania up my butt and I think I may say to hell with it and fly from Dortmund to Cluj-Napoca for the Pentacost for 9-10 days. That could be pretty epic. These are going to be trips that focus on photography and culture, not just catching a buzz and getting wild like Spain in September was. I've got to get focused again (somehow).

There's a big Carnival-type parade tomorrow and it is a pretty freaky affair to say the least, people dressed in improbable costume with ugly masks and throwing candy into the crowds as they pass. Me? I might head in and watch some, maybe even take some pictures if I'm SUPER motivated but probably not. I'll let ya know...