Friday, January 04, 2008

Business Class, baby!

I got upgraded on the SF to Frankfurt flight to business class, upstairs even. I was so shocked by the whole thing, they called my name before boarding with a packed room and the guy said, here you go, and i only saw my seat number was lower. then i saw business printed in bold on the top. I had to find my seat, literally, because it was upstairs. I had champagne and Spanish red wine and crab salad and braised beef with caramelized onions, ice cream for dessert and a spanish omelette for breakfast, along with endless supply of water, meaning like half waking up and you think, that's weird, why is there water there again?

I didn't share really one word with the dude next to me who I was convinced was the air marshal or working for blackwater. We just shared a glance when a cute woman walked past at the beginning of the flight and one cheers with champagne (initiated by me, of course).

Going through customs was so easy that I actually had to wait 20 seconds or more while 3 border guards were shooting the shit even though at least one and a half of them saw me but I waited patiently and i was through. Imagine landing in LAX at 10am on a Friday and there is literally no line at like 8 passport checks.

Then my bags didn't come so I waited in line to find out where they were, all the while my initial excitment of possibly being able to catch a train an hour earlier, the lady said they should be on a different baggage claim number. We go out and look, not there. She calls and the person says they should be there momentarily. And damned if I didn't go out there and there they were.

The 2 hour train is difficult because it's the end of a long journey but then again, you're travelling in comfort and peace and 150km/hour.

Took a taxi, no one is here this weekend (woohoo!), my room is in chaos and I made my first payment to the German Social Security for 195euros. I can't believe all the shit I've been through and that's where we are nearly two years later.

But I got a phone call. My plane tickets to Central America are being dropped in my mailbox right now.

Overall an extremely positive experience door-to-door, all things considered but there was still its bullshit. It's 3pm, i'm out of it and wanna unpack but wanna look at photos and wanna eat something and wanna sleep. I like that journeys make me want to do so much at once.



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