Monday, December 17, 2007


I am awake at 7am. That's probably because of two things, one being that I am still a bit jetlagged from the trip from Germany and also because on Saturday night I went to bed so late and didn't get enough sleep. I was probably asleep by 9pm last night.

My dad's birthday dinner was fantastic, and I got a funny polaroid picture of them cutting my tie off, you will guys love it when I can get it on in a couple of weeks. Besides my parents and me, there was Lynne, my mom's best friend and her two daughters along with one of the husbands and a 1.5 year old boy of the oldest daughter. We were a great little group, had some fun and some damn good food. I had a ribeye steak and I couldn't finish it and will be having it for lunch after I go volunteering with my mom and dad today, giving out some free food to families in need. I'll try and go jogging again in the afternoon and then probably take it easy tonight with the folks because I'll be up again at this time tomorrow because I'm going to work with my parents to earn a bit of spending cash but I'll probably just spend it on a big night at Boscoes again this weekend!

Xmas is getting closer and I'm slowly getting into the mood, even with 70 degree weather! :)


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