Thursday, December 27, 2007


hey all,

I caught a buzz last night at Boscoes with buddies and actually hung out with a minor star last night, a dude from 98 degrees, the band that Nick Lachey (Jessica Simpsons' ex-husband) is in. No need to mention his name or anything but he was a really cool dude, down to earth and we talked about places in europe and chicks...I sang karaoke "California Girls" and changed some of the lines to "I'm glad there not all California girls" and a line, "The Italian girls, with the way they kiss, they keep me up at night", hahahah! I was having a good time. I also sang "Paradise City" by Guns n Roses, "Yakety Yak", and "Leroy Brown" but changed it to "Jason Brown, the baddest man in all orange county"!

I changed my plane ticket today at the airport and maybe, just maybe don't have to pay the hundreds of dollars to change it for some reason, that would be sooOOOOooo cool if I didn't have to pay. I then went to Borders to buy a bunch of books and dvds and stuff:

**A map of Central America
**Let's Go: Central America
**West Wing Season One
**Weeds Season Two
**an Orishas cd
**a Black Crowes acoustic cd
**a book about the transatlantic cable
**a book about the constitutional convention of 1787
**a book about how Bush has subverted the constitution

and some other stuff...

I got a haircut (not bad), had lunch and then argued about politics with the folks for a half hour while King of Queens was on and then went jogging and then helped my folks clean up the house a bit. I'm goin to Best Buy soon and then taking the folks out to dinner. I'm playing golf tomorrow, have friends coming over for a barbecue on friday and then goin to dinner with a friend on saturday and then we'll see...good weather is good!


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