Monday, November 12, 2007

We Can Work it Out

It's another Monday morning, I think I'm more tired than when the weekend began but that's only because we got our crazy on for Friday night that led to Saturday/Sunday being slower than normal.

We celebrated Chick A+'s birthday friday into saturday night and then went on until almost 6am when 3 of us were still dancing to Eurodance music that I had never heard before. It was a great party for 5 people and many fantastic photos were taken, not all of which the parents of the people in said photos would be happy to see but that's what is so great about succumbing to the moment, ya know?

Saturday was Chick A+'s birthday and she made us a fat and decadent breakfast and we napped a bit and then I went hom and she came over at 7pm for a drink of champagne and then down to Walfisch for her birthday dinner. The sharklady ate fish, how apropos! We weren't in a real party mood so we went and hung out at my place.

It's funny, man, she and I are trying real hard to work this thing out we got going. It's admirable how much effort we're putting in. We both know how important we are to each other right now and how our lives here in Freiburg would not be near as good without each other and that's been one of our motivating factors. It's not perfect but I think yesterday we both finally realized that our "relationship" is going to require some compromise on both sides because neither of can get exactly what we want (sing: you can't always get what you want!) but we have both swallowed a little pride (which is tough sometimes!) and was topped off with a little inside joke from Chick A+ in the bathtub yesterday: We can work it out. Indeed...

Have a 4-day workweek and then on Thursday night I'm flying to London where I'll see Arianna and Maya again and Maya and I are going to a Ryan Adams concert and I can't wait! But there is the still the work of this week to get through first, not to mention my first cup of coffee of the day!


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