Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Round 2

In numbered sentences:

1)I finally got enough sleep, had two vivid dreams, one in which VP Cheney was driving a car in an underground parking lot trying to shoot me and the other with me giving an impassioned plea to the Senate Judiciary Committee to not confirm Mukasey as the new attorney general.

2)Work was okay.

3)I met Chick A+ and we got her a student ID, and tried to get her out of a 40-euro ticket for having not paid to ride the tram but it didn't work.

4)I bought a new shirt and got the word 'Groovement' printed on it for my music festival.

5)Chick A+ found out that she passed the second round of her EU job competition. She is just one round away from possibly becoming a civil servant for the European Union. That makes her automatically one of the coolest people I know.

6)I am going to meet a buddy for drinks soon.

I'm happy and relaxed and yo yo yo!


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