Monday, November 26, 2007

Pizza and stuff

I had a long, crappy day. I walked out of a class I was teaching which has never happened before. I was only gone for 30-45 seconds but I was fucking pissed. Student apathy, that's why I'm quitting that job.

I had a meeting about my exhibition on Saturday and the chick was 30 minutes late for a 5-minute meeting.

I went to Chick A's for pizza tonight and she did a great job of listening to my whine and bitch and cry about my life. I'm normally really good and dealing with life. The thing is, I don't take life seriously, I take living seriously, but not life itself and sometimes, especially as I get older it makes me take it seriously and I don't like it. I got all of this potentially bad/unpleasant shit going on in my life and I went over to her house and sat on the ground in the kitchen and just bitched while she prepared pizzas. I will never be able to tell her how much she's meant to me and I know sometimes our friendship is a bit fucked up but that's mostly my fault because I'm a bit fucked up right now but I really care about her. I can't imagine how anyone else in my life could have been there for me like she has. She's got all of these good things going on in her life and so maybe she has some extra good energy to deal with me, who knows, but I really appreciate it. No one will ever know the whole story and that's probably for the best but the world should know that that chick has made what could have been some of the very worst months of my entire life into a pretty damn good time. I hope she knows that.

I'm fucking tired. I've been cursing too much lately. I have to work at 8am. I'm worried no one will come to the Groovement Festival and that any day a letter is coming from the Social Security asking for all of my money. I feel lonely sometimes and it's been manifesting itself poorly at times. I'm gonna be okay, I know, but I ain't there yet. Cheers...


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