Friday, November 09, 2007

Garlic press/Art Supplies/Party party

hey peeps,

It's a cold and gray Friday afternoon, I've already spent 150dollars in art supplies for two exhibitions I have coming up in the next month and I'm chillin in my apartment waiting to go out and whoop it up tonight. Ya see, Chick A+'s birthday is at midnight. She will be the big 25, an age I remember vividly because it's when my life started as I know it. True, I must have been conceived in late September 1973 but it wasn't until the month before my 25th birthday that I felt like I understood life at all. I've been busting my hump the past 8.5 years trying to live a life as full as possible and Chick A+ is just hitting that age. It'll be interesting to see where her life leads her. Before her 26th birthday, she will most definitely be living in another country. That alone is an interesting thing. Some of her friends are meeting at her place at 10pm for champagne, bruschetta and fun. I was invited and I shall be there with bells on. She wants me to bring the garlic press for her bruschetta which I have to admit is the best I have ever had. She's that kind of girl, ya know? :)

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating her birthday by having a fat dinner at Walfisch and then who knows what but it's her weekend and I'm up for anything. I'll try and fill you in tomorrow or Sunday what happens tonight and tomorrow but it's going to be entertaining to say the least! Cheers, ya'll!


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