Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Copenhagen and London

hey ya'll,

We're getting some snow baby! Thank god I'm inside chilling. Got a date with Chick A+ tonight and we are two of the coolest little jetsetters on earth. She's off to Copenhagen for a job interview tomorrow and I'm off to London to visit Maya, Arianna and of course to see Ryan Adams in concert on Friday night.

I had a job interview today for a place called something like "Center for Final Qualification". It would be business English, a bit of work on the front end but it could be worth it, especially because it's in the middle of the city and can be at normal times, like 4pm or 6pm. I don't want to work later than 7.30pm if I can help it anymore, it's so nice being finished at a humane hour. I would normally have to be going to Emmendingen tonight in a bit and have to work from 6-9pm. God, thank you for giving me enough to let me quit that.

Chick A+ just might buy plane tickets to California for February tonight. I want her to come so bad, I want to show her Laguna Beach, San Diego, LA, Irvine Spectrum, my parents' house, she can meet my friends and drink at Boscoe's and we can do karaoke and drink dollar beers and eat dollar tacos with beautiful weather in February. I'll show her the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Skewers Restaurant in West Hollywood. She has meant so much to me the past few months that I desperately want my friends and family to meet this girl who has entered my life at one of the most crucial junctures I've encountered. She can meet Nate and Amy, Zach, see Mooney again and drink beer on the beach with him, practice a bit of spanish if she wants when we order some burritos in san diego, and take her to Malibu, and the 3rd Street Promenade. There is so much to show the girl, it'd be great. I'll keep ya updated folks!


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