Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 hours and 3 minutes

in two hours and three minutes my bus will leave from the train station and take me to Basel airport. I'm off to London for the next 3 nights, I can't wait! It's great because I don't have to do much in terms of tourism because I've already been to London numerous times and so I just wanna see the Ryan Adams concert and the rest of the time just chill out and hang with my friends.

I had my 3 university classes today and they went pretty well. My date last night with Chick A+ was great, actually most of this week has been great, every day we seem to understand each other a little better and we get closer. It's crazy because I think some of our friends would be surprised to see how close we've become in the past couple of months. I told her last night that it's not like we are filling holes in our lives as it is more than we have created new space in our lives. There is no other chick right now that I'd rather go to Walfisch and eat, have some drinks and then come back and hang at my place.

We got drunk on Tuesday night together at Cheers and had a blast. It's like a little bubble that others can't really penetrate. She's in Copenhagen now (I think) and tomorrow is her job interview. Good luck, girl! And see ya'll soon!


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