Saturday, October 06, 2007


You know you are having too much fun in a public establishment when you start pouring wax on your hands to demonstrate that the feeling of pain going away is one of the best feelings there is. My backpack is now coated in the remnants of lots of dripped wax and I guess I was feeling pretty good because the wax didnt feel as hot as it normally does.

I saw Windsor Castle yesterday after a nice 20 minute walk to Eton, the place where a famous boys school is. Aldous Huxley went to school there. It was charming, with a long street with small houses of varying colors of dark brick and young men in tuxedos with long coattails, a tradition for the students of that school. I had a coffee at a small cafe with warm sunshine and I wrote in my journal, penned yet another poem, this one called My Right Shoe and then walked back to Mayas before meeting her at the train station to go into the city.

We had to stand on the train and the guy sitting next to Maya was a lawyer whose client had been arrested with a sizeable amount of heroin on him and 700 pounds cash. We know this because he had a conversation on the phone with someone and we could hear everything. Upon arriving in London, we could only go one tube stop because of delays. We met a girl who had just lived in Paris for a year as an exchange student, had also lived in Bremen and was going with her boyfriend that night to the Manu Chao concert. We waited and waited for the next subway and eventually made it to Ariannas place. We bought a variety of beers and Arianna proceeded to cook us some kick ass pasta sauce while watching Scrubs on TV.

After dinner we walked about 10 minutes to an old warehouse turned bar called Smithys. We got a good table in the middle of the place and stayed for the next 4+ hours. A round of drinks (pinot grigio, cab sauvignon and two pints) cost 15.70 pounds. That is roughly 31 dollars for 4 drinks! But the vibe was nice and we had a good time, remember the wax on the hands? That was in that place.

Maya and her coworker Jan and I tried to get a taxi to Paddington station but it took a little while to find one but we got there and just in time too, 15 minutes before the last main train went to Slough. There was a wide range of drunk people on the train, very interesting to say the least. Maya and I had leftover pasta and bread at 2.30am before having a tough night of sleep. Today I am slow and we just ordered 19 pounds worth of Indian food to be brought to our feet. I hope it comes soon, I am hungry and my feet are cold.

I will be back in Freiburg around 6pm on Sunday. Chick A+ is most likely gonna meet me at the train station and we are going to get some dinner at Walfisch and chill out at my place. I have to work on Monday but I am getting picked up at 12.10pm so it is not too bad. I miss Chick A+, it is amazing how good a time we have been having lately and she is quickly becoming someone important to me but more on all that later. We are watching America Dad now so...


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