Monday, October 15, 2007

Open Mic tomorrow

My buddy Alex and I are going to perform a song or two Tuesday night at an open mic at an Irish pub in town. We used the lyrics from the poem "Seconds" and Alex had a sweet riff and some great melodies, I literally have the song in my head, it's great. "Cause you're -- two seconds away, two minutes away, two nights away". Good stuff.

I wrote 7 pages in my journal today. I am getting ready to start working on the new book soon. Chick A+ is typing some of my earlier journals and it's going to speed up the process. It's been a bit weird for me giving Chick A+ two of the most important journals of my life. I told her that I'd rather her break my heart than lose those journals. They are from the 7 months leading up to the move to germany and the first year of living in the first apartment together in Freiburg. A lot of important, personal shit in there. I was a little concerned because the 7 months leading up to Germany has a lot of flowery prose going on and on about Assiyeah but there are many reasons for that, the most obvious of course being that I was in love with her but there were other reasons as well. I needed to keep the love alive while we were apart for so long and I found that by pining and going on and on about my feelings for her would help keep it alive. It did. I just had to remind Chick A+ not to worry about all of the stuff I wrote about in there because it was 5 years ago. And the 2nd journal will have almost nothing to do with Assiyeah, it's just about my life in Freiburg getting started there.

It was a tough weekend for me, with Chick A+ being gone in Italy and Assiyeah's birthday. I felt some loneliness but I got through it fine and feel better today. There are still rough moments up ahead in life but things have been going well and I've got a lot of positive things going on in life. I hope to have more to tell you soon!


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