Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Open Mic Last Night

We played 4 songs, "Seconds" and a song from a Scandanavian death metal band (performed acoustically) and then the second time played "Choose Blues", a song that Alex wrote that is actually a good blues song with some country influence and then I ahem, rapped a song called "Nut" that I dedicated to "all the girls out there who like nuts". We did all right, it wasnt bad and it felt really to be on stage again. I have not been on a stage since 1997 perhaps. 10 freakin years man...

Chick A+ and I talked for a little while on the phone last night. We are slowly moving more towards a friendship but I am trying to slow the process down as much as possible, hahaahah! I think we can be good friends soon but I am hoping we can sort of have a similar relationship as we have had the past 6 weeks or so until she moves to Italy which could be in a month or six months. We are definitely meant to be friends but I have really enjoyed swimming in that middle ocean with that shark.

I have two 3-hour classes today and then a private lesson at 7pm at my place and then I have t play some game with my roommate so our other roommate can do some experiment on us or some shit. The weekend is coming, slowly but surely my friends...

p.s. Chick A+ self-annointed herself as a "shark", it wasn't my doing!


At 12:18 PM, Blogger horsty said...

hahahaha, you did Nut?? Marvellous!

so, next open stage, you have to do it again and have someone video tape it! I have to see this!!


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