Monday, October 29, 2007

Maggot/Crowes/Extended in Italy?

I think a maggot crawled out of my cereal this morning but I'm not sure. It was suddenly worming his way between my cereal and my coffee and I don't know exactly where he came from. Suddenly I lost my appetite but I guess you can understand that.

The Black Crowes were broadcast live on the web last night from New Orleans, it was really cool to see. They put on a good, albeit slightly sloppy show but they jammed and sounded great. I love technology when I can watch my favorite band perform live from the comfort of my bed. That was 11.45pm to 1am last night.

I had a great conversation with Chick A+ last night after the Crowes concert, about 1:15 am or so. It's better we've been talking less lately so we have more to talk about when we do talk. However, it was a bit tough because she said she might not be coming back this weekend, that she might stay another weekend to celebrate her birthday. Of course if that is what she wants to do, she should definitely do it and it's all good but I have been looking forward to seeing her again for nearly 3 weeks and I thought I was down to the last week but it could be even longer now. She did tell me, however, that if she is in Freiburg for her birthday, she wants to celebrate just with me which was a really nice consolation. I offerred to take her to France for her birthday which at least got her thinking about it, ya know? That would be sooo cool, leave Friday around lunch, maybe get to Colmar, visit two villages in the Alsace and spend the night in Ribeauville one night and maybe another night in Riquewihr or even just two nights in the same place would be fun. I have a feeling that Chick A+ and I would have a great time travelling together and I think our "relationship" is much stronger when it is not influenced by the outside world. That's probably one reason why she hasn't invited me to come to visit her in Italy, because the intimacy that we have developed might be a little strange for her friends to see when she's mentioned very little about it. I totally understand, I just wish she was coming back on Sunday. She might but it definitely sounds like she wants to stay there but we'll see.

I'm still getting over the maggot thing but at least I have 2.5 hours before I get picked up for work, right?

Wednesday off to Amsterdam!


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