Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I made it, cheerio!

It was tough leaving Chick A+ this morning, it feels so natural spending time with her, like how could I possibly want to do anything else with my time but hang with her. We had dinner at Cheers last night and then went over to Cafe Journal to see Carolin and we met up with Kai and Rebecca (both teachers at the university as well) for some drinks. I think it was a "cool" thing for Chick A+ to hang with teachers from the uni and listen to us babble and many inconsequential things, not to mention how unbelievably cute Rebecca's Welsh accent is. We hung there until about 10.30 and then made it back to my place to watch some tv and hang. We had a pizza at 2am. It's funny, but just sitting there and eating a pizza with her in the dead of night is perfect, you can't imagine how the girl can somehow make you feel like there is no world outside of the moment you're sharing with her, it's a great feeling.

We woke up around 10am and had some coffee and lounged in bed for 2 hours, even watching another episode of My Name is Earl, a show that is new to her but she liked right away which made me happy because it's a fantastic show.

We walked into town around 12.15, had fish sandwiches and then she escorted me to the train station so I could catch my bus to the airport. The bus and wait and flight were fairly uneventful and I had to pay 45euros for the train/subway IN/OUT of London from the airport but it was much faster than the bus would have been. The bus would have been about 25-30euros and I'm thinking, why not spend 20 more euros and get more life out of your experience so I did.

I made it Arianna's after being lost for 10 minutes and a few minutes are me Maya showed up. We hadn't seen each other since my photo exhibition in July in Freiburg so it was great to see my best friend in Europe (although Chick A+ has been becoming that person for me lately). We immediately went off to a pub called The Easton which had a great vibe and good beers on tap but it was 5euros/pint, roughly 40percent more expensive than in Freiburg (but Arianna paid for the drinks, god bless her generous soul!). We had two drinks and then Arianna's husband showed up and we went to Strada to have some dinner. Maya and I split a pizza and salad and we drank some Italian beer (Peroni?) and then after dinner we walked back here and Maya went to the subway to make her way back home. It was a relatively mellow evening but a great time with friends. I haven't been to London since March 2006 and it's been great to see Arianna and Edward, who is now sporting sweet muttonchop sideburns!

Tomorrow I'm going to the British Museum and then will stay in the living room at Maya's the next two nights, hope to catch a buzz, maybe buy a cool little souvenir for Chick A+ and buy a book or two. I have a somewhat busy week or work next week but on Friday Chick A+ and I are going to France for a night or two. I am unbelievably excited about it. We have a great time together in Freiburg, a town she's not even that hip on so just imagine how great it could be in a foreign country away from everyone we know...Awesome!



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