Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another epic holiday has been booked

I don't have all of the flights yet but I used United Miles to get a free flight to Los Angeles from Frankfurt July 25 to Sep 20th. That, my friends, is 8 weeks I have decided I will not be in Freiburg next summer. Hell, that's the whole summer! I am flying Frankfurt to Chicago to Orange County, and then planning on staying for a week before flying to Central America. I will spend approximately 5-6 weeks in Central America, hopefully booking an open jaw ticket so I don't have to backtrack, something like flying to Managua, Nicaragua and back from Guatemala or Belize, before flying back to California for another good week or so before going back to Germany.

Can you believe that? In the last week or so, I booked a 3-week trip to California for February/March and then also a two-month trip that will begin and end in California. Now that the flights are booked, that means something else tangential yet very important, namely that I will be in Freiburg until at least February 2009 now. I knew that I would at least be here for this semester and the summer semester leading up to the summer but I could have potentially made a drastic change in my life next summer if I wanted to. But then I thought why, things are going great for me here, I'm becoming a bigger fish in the same size pond. Okay, I'm no shark (hi Chick A+) but nonetheless not a guppie anymore! In order for me to pay for a two-month trip to Central America next summer, I need to know that I will be gainfully employed in October 2008. So that means I will work at least another semester after the summer semester next year. I know this info may not be too surprising but it is at least official now. It also means that I can better fix more holidays for 2008 because I know I will be working here in Freiburg all of next year.

That still leaves open about 10 days for Easter March 20-30th, another week around Pentacost which is May 11th and for sure a long weekend somewhere, maybe with a bunch of friends(?) for my birthday the end of May, like a Thursday to Sunday in Spain or something. Put those things together and that is already potentially 95 days of holiday thought of or booked for 2008. Holy shit baby, I think I need to commemorate the fact that a person making less than 30,000 dollars/year is going to repeatedly have 100+ days of vacation/year. I am so out of my mind, in terms of happiness for holiday booked but also, am I freakin' crazy? Is that what I want out of my life, living in a cheap apartment with students, not having a car, just so I can travel to far away places and sleep on people's sofas?

I guess we know the answer to that one, don't we? That is EXACTLY what I want out of my life right now. I'm 33 years old but still think I'm 25. Is that bad? I don't think so, especially because I have very few 33-year old type responsibilities (so far, thank god) and I can afford to live like this, especially it makes me happy, makes me think that I'm living a full life and what more can we ask from life?


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