Tuesday, October 23, 2007

8am to 8pm

It's true, I had some breaks in between but it was my first long day in about 3 months. My morning class went well, there is a new Polish girl in there (she has a boyfriend) who is super cute and interesting with a sexy, raspy voice and then. I then had to take the train for about an hour and then walk about 15 minutes to my "tie" class, the class I was wearing the tie for. It went well, all things considered, but some of them take advantage of the laid-back atmosphere in the class but we got through what I wanted to teach so I was happy. I napped a bit on the train back, came home, changed clothes and then and went and had a very satisfying dinner at Cheers (Schnitzel, french fries and salad) for 3,33euros. I love that place. I then went by O'Kellys to say hi to those working, went by the tram stop to see when my tram times home would be and then went to my new class.

There were too many people in there and so we're splitting it into two groups, the other being taught by an Englishman named Nick. In the class the following countries were represented: Estonia, Poland, Turkey, Georgia, Italy, France, Korea, Japan, China, Morocco, Ukraine, Russia, Kazahkstan, Chile, Bulgaria, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast! Crazy, right? The girl from France is drop dead gorgeous but her English ain't so good but that's why I am in her life, gell? hahaha


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