Thursday, October 18, 2007

840euro phone call

hey guys,

I got a phone call this afternoon from a company I did some work for in the late Spring and they called to have six more weeks from me. I was hoping for 10 weeks but "beggars" can't be choosers. That two-minute phone call essentially confirmed 840euros will be coming my late around February and that's good because that is when I am at my poorest usually.

I'm about two weeks away from booking my free flights (because of United Mileage plus) to California this summer. The idea is to fly to California, spend a week there and then fly to Central America, ideally into one airport like Panama City and out of another like San Salvador or something that like, go back to California for a week and then back to Germany. I'm looking at least 6 and more like 8 weeks gone if I can work it out with all of the jobs but we'll see. I do good stuff with the money I earn from work and I think the students respect that somehow.

I've been under the weather again, I think because of the weather change itself but I'll probably still have a beer or two while relaxing tonight. I have to wash the dishes now, clean out the freezer which is two-thirds ice and then chill. Going to IKEA tomorrow to buy 3 things: sheepskin rug, a mat for my rolling chair and a long mirror so I can see my precious body before going out each day. I know, I know, not too interesting but wanted to give ya'll something to read!


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