Friday, October 12, 2007

357 String Band

Last night rocked, straight up. There was a band from Milwaukee in Swamp down below the apartment and they kicked ass, it was a mix of punk and bluegrass with some Americana influence as well in the harmonies. I was with a couple of friends and we ended up hanging out with the band and catching a buzz with them until nearly 3am and yes, today I'm feeling it.

Chick A+ left yesterday to go to Italy for 3 weeks. Seriously, we have been hanging out so much lately that I am not sure what to do today! haahah Of course I'm a little slow anyway because of last night so it's okay for today but the past few Saturdays we have had some of the best dates one could ever have and I would love for us to have one of those dates tomorrow but it ain't gonna happen. She's still waiting for the official invitation for her job interview but that will probably take place next week. She and I have gotten pretty close in the past 6 weeks, and she's someone I am very happy to know. We seem to understand (more or less:) that is) what we both want and need right now and it doesn't seem too much effort to give that to each other. I'm grateful for the time we've been hanging out. I might go visit her at the end of the month but it isn't sure.

One of the nicer restaurants in town wants to display some photos of mine for the winter. I had a meeting about that today and so now I'm going to pick out some photos to be enlarged.

I'm chillin on the bed, getting ready to watch a movie and I just wanna relax so that's what I'm gonna do.


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