Sunday, September 30, 2007

Well, I guess YOU happened.

One of my roommates got mad at me because I came home last night. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you're reading that correctly, she got mad because apparently after seeing me, Assiyeah and her new boyfriend didn't want to come over anymore. I don't know what to say except that is totally stupid. She can come here with her new boyfriend and hang out at my place with my roommates whenever the fuck she wants, I don't give a shit but for her to come all the way over here, see me outside the building and then decide not to go up and hang with the girls is her decision and has nothing to do with me. Chick A+ and I tried our damndest to find a bar to catch a buzz but it was near impossible because either there was live music or no place to sit. Seriously, we hit 6-7 bars trying to find a place to our liking and couldn't.

Chick A+ and I are still hanging out at 9.30pm, we went on a great little walk around 7pm and then had two beers in Walfisch which was nice. We also just ate leftover gnocci from last night and now we're planning on watching some friends.

My roommate said an all-time classic line last night. I saw her at 1.30am and asked her, Roommate, what happened? Her answer: Well, I guess YOU happened. Nice... It's hard to believe that me coming home to my place is somehow my fault but I'm over it.

I gotta go to the Auslaenderbehoerde tomorrow to try and get a 90-day extension. Wish me luck!


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