Monday, September 24, 2007


what the F? Suddenly around 7pm last night started feeling like shit and felt the throat swell up, hurt to swallow, head felt clogged and was home by 11:15pm and got an OK night sleep but knew when I woke up this morning that I needed to see a doctor. I get sick once or twice a year at most and often it is at the end of a trip or a semester of work when there is not a lot to do but this week I have oral exams at one of the schools I teach at (where Chick A is a student but not my student) and need to be fit and on top of my game so I called the doctor at 9am and had an appointment for 9.30. An hour later I had spent 55euros for everything including the "co-pay" and the antibiotics and hopefully I caught it in time that I will be good for Saturday when Chick A and I have another date planned. Of course I'll see her tomorrow at the photo exhibition in Muellheim I have but we've planned one of our "make dinner and drink champagne" dates which I have to tell you are a freakin' blast. I would invite you guys but I think I would prefer to have her all myself! hahaha

Mooney is hanging with Carolin again and I'm grateful because he felt like doing something today and I didn't. After dropping him off at a cafe where Carolin was, I picked up some of the Montenegro enlargements (disappointing) and then went by Chick A's to give her hair thingy back. We talked for awhile, watched some TV, ate some pizza and did a cuddle/snooze thing for a half hour which was really nice.

It's 5.41pm now, I'm going to read for a bit, keep drinking my fluids and got a class at 9.30am to teach and hopefully my IKEA shit finally comes.


At 3:04 PM, Blogger horsty said...

Hm, sounds almost like what I got when I got back from Spain. Post spain syndrome.


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