Thursday, September 27, 2007


A breath of freshness
Smelling, for the second time
A chance, the France of romance
And the sweet sun on the beach

You're a holiday, infinite
Happiness as a passport packed
Free, the glee of our future history
Like a worn paperback thriller in the sand

Here and now, Budda says
As he sits plump and content
Release, the beast won't cease
Hungry for what you cook in the night

Cheers, my friend
Feelin' lucky in the end
Of the middle of the end
Of the beginning of the
Middle of the end
No doubt we can mend

A sunburn and aloe vera
Soothing in the pain
A sign, in the wine and dine
Your sunset burns my eyes

A snorkel and the waves
Dangerous, but fun nonetheless
Swim, in the sin of a win
To surf with you again

Fresh fish on the grill
Frying and sizzling
Wafting, the laughter of banter
And when you laugh again...

And when you smile again
I feel like I've won
Beaten a king in the sun
While the queen fans herself

And I raise my sword in your honor
Slam it into the sand
Walk up to you and kneel
And offer you my hand.


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