Sunday, September 02, 2007

A part of the human race again

Chick A just left. She spent the night last night and we had a really good time. The funny thing is, we're "just" friends but of course there is more going on but it's not moving in the direction of a relationship, just two people who like hanging out with each other.

She came over at 6 last night and we went food shopping and we made a kick ass smoked salmon quiche (that apparently is still really damn good the next morning too!) with a side salad and we drank some white wine. After awhile spent hanging out, we went down to Walfisch and somehow proceeded to drink approximately 4-5 Jaegermeisters each and I had a beer and she had a whiskey/cola. Our bill was 15euros. That definitely sent us off in a new direction, it was after 1am and we stopped by Swamp for one more drink but they were already closing up. We berated the girl under our breath as we left and went back upstairs.

I need to get my new bed from IKEA. The single bed that I'm sleeping on now ain't enough space for 2 fully grown people. True, we're both short but still, we're "wide enough" that a single is too small. It was a relatively restless night but it was great hanging out this morning, trying to get to know each other better while still have the guise of friendship. We had some breakfast of smoked salmon quiche and fruit shake, talked about life and how much she hated being in Germany for the World Cup last year because everyone thought she was a fan of Italy even though she was waving a German flag and so it was a tough time for her.

We then went back to bed, enjoying the hell out of a lazy Sunday with absolutely gorgeous weather that neither of us was interested in. We watched a couple King of Queens and talked some more, trying to find middle ground on what we're both looking for out of our time together. There's a good chance we'll be able to make it work and I'm totally stoked to know her and it's great to have some cute and interesting to hang out with on a Saturday night. Me gusta muchisimo!

So now I'm trying to organize my room some more, put up some more postcards and tchotchky to give the room more of a "Jason" feel. I'm also ripping some of the new CDs I have into my computer so I can put them onto my Iriver.

I have a new class tomorrow, a 9-day intensive class for 2.5 hours each day, 9.30-12:00 but it will cover a month's expenses.

I also had an inspiration yesterday for a music festival I'm going to put on in December with 3 bands hopefully. The bands and the t-shirts will cost 1500euros. I'm hoping to sell enough tickets and t-shirts to make it more or less a break even proposition but I want to make something interesting happen. I want to be part of the Groovement...more on that soon!


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