Saturday, September 08, 2007

Chick B?

hey guys,

Having dinner with Chick A in about 90 minutes, still trying to recover from my hangover. Last night was fairly epic, starting at 5.30pm and ending around 2.30am. Spent 50euros somehow and had a blast!

It's tough, Chick A has a lot of stress right now because of her job competition and her exams that are coming up soon and for sure I'm a bit of a distraction for her. I only want to be a positive influence on her life (or rather, not a negative one) and we're trying to figure out how to hang out and have each person get what they want from the time we spend together. The thing is, I totally support her and wish nothing but the best for her. This job competition for a European Union agency is by far the most important thing for her and it is in 12 days. She wants me to be more of a friend to her right now than anything else and I'm trying but it's hard that she's so cute and sexy. Can you understand that? We're going to make dinner tonight, have some drinks and see what happens but it's not like I don't want to be friends with her if nothing sexual is going on but I am not ready to be "just" friends. Maybe that makes me a bad person but I'm not too worried about it. Either she's cool or she's not and there ain't much more I can do about it!

Is there a Chick B? Now I wrote about other girls listed by letter a couple of weeks ago but I'll have to scratch that list as I'm dealing with the present now. I met a cute law student at O'Kellys last Friday on Erik's going away party (remember, the dude going to Shanghai and the conversation with the girls I transcribed? If not, go down and read about Shanghai post). I gave her my number so that there would be no stress for her and she could call me if she wanted to, no big deal. Well, she wrote me a message at 11.30pm last night (I wonder if she'd been drinking!) to see what I was doing tonight. I wrote her back this morning that I have plans tonight but maybe tomorrow night we could do dinner.

Is that gonna happen? Probably. Is anything gonna happen with that chick? No idea but I still thought that it was a very promising sign that she contacted me. It would have been very easy for her to have erased my number and forgotten that we'd never met but she's at least interested in doing something with me. I hope I'm not so hungover when I see her.

I have a bunch of stuff to do this weekend but am not motivated to do any of it at all. I have to grade a test, find some appointments where I can teach at that company in Kirchzarten again (that one email was worth approximately 1400euros), do some laundry and do some packing for Spain and also try and find some more hospitalityclub/couchsurfing contacts for while we're down there. It could be a crazy week but hey, tonight could be crazy too!


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