Thursday, September 06, 2007


Today was a pretty intense day. First, I've not been sleeping well lately, specifically the past two nights, probably because I drank too much caffeine, including espresso.

Anyway, I finally talked to my friend about Chick A. I called at 9am and it caught him off guard. It caught me off guard too, actually but it made work hard to concentrate and then in the afternoon I met Chick A in town and we walked to my place. We went to Walfisch for dinner and had all you can eat pancakes which was tasty and then back up here to chill out for awhile. I had a private lesson and I guess she slept during those 90 minutes. She didn't get her espresso after eating, apparently! hahah

So I talked to my friend for 10 minutes this evening. He said that she was her own person and she could do what she wanted and so I tried to concentrate on that point as much as possible. We've got plans to go out again on Saturday.

Two nights ago I went out with a buddy who earlier was a student of mine. We had some beers down in Walfisch and then we started talking to two chicks who were with 3 other people. They were cute but shy and our second beer at that table was drunk quite quickly when we learned they were 17 years old! I love you Germany! We got out of there shortly thereafter...

There's more to tell but it's not all appropriate here but I'm dying for the weekend, friends, and you?


At 8:37 PM, Blogger jadz said...

Hi Jason,

I'm new here in Freiburg. Where is this Walfisch? I can see it's popular but haven't been there. I saw a Walfisch something near Brauerei Ganter. I don't know if it's THE Walfisch.

Perhaps we can have a round of beer there and you can teach me how to mount a photo exhibit. Better yet, teach me to take good pics first!


At 5:43 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Hey Jason
Excellent...still charming the girls I see. But this part here: "...they were 17 years old! I love you Germany! We got out of there shortly thereafter..."

Now, if you were ETX I'd automatically assume you left *with* the 17 year olds. :-)


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