Wednesday, September 12, 2007

27 maybe?

I can't explain what that number is but it's good.

Had a great night with Chick A, we seem to understand each other much better and somehow found a nice middle ground so we could hang out and have a great time still. I'm extremely happy about it because she's an amazing woman, completely sexy and interesting and she's had a whole life before meeting me, as have I before meeting her and so we have stuff to talk about.

I went down to Walfisch and tipped them 5euros so I could bring my own champagne and orange juice so we could make mimosas at dinner and then when we in to eat Chick A was so impressed by it, I was super happy because it was a little gesture and I got the intended reaction. That's one the best feelings in life when you get the intended reaction.

Anyway, it was an important evening for me, I thought maybe things between us were over and I was unbelievably relieved to know that I could still have her attention sometimes...

Cheers to you, Chick A, see ya tomorrow!


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