Thursday, August 23, 2007

Philly yo!

Arrived in Philly this afternoon. Yesterday I got a ride to Boston and couchsurfed, a pretty mellow night but good for me. I got to the airport and around security lost my new neckland I'd bought in Providence the day before.

There was a chick next to me on the plane leaving her husband and going to florida to stay with an uncle for an undetermined amount of time.

Behind her was a freakish couple as the boyfriend spent most of the one-hour flight talking about the things he'd like to do her ex-boyfriend, namely slashing his tires, kicking his ass, breaking his wrists, ad nauseum.

Corrie picked me up and we had some good grubbing with some of her old-coworkers, a ballerino (a guy), a burlesque dancer and an art history student who was flying to Europe to be an exchange student for 4 months.

Chicken, burgers, salad, stirfry, bread and beer, good stuff.

Tomorrow I'm going to see a friend who used to live in Freiburg for one year. She was the 3rd part to the triumvirate of Maya and me back in early 2005. We even went to Poland together for a 5 days in August 2005.

They changed the Dodgers/Mets game from 1pm to 8pm, those bastards! haahha but we'll go the Met before that so it'll all work out, it always does...


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