Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pacific Beach, San Diego

This is one of the few places I would live if I were to live in America again. What would I do here? No clue but I absolutely love the vibe, the weather, how it's laid back and of course the spanish vibe.

I had an epic karaoke night on Tuesday, spent about 50euro and saw some people I hadn't seen in ages, including this really cute girl I used to work with at Bluetorch 20% of my life ago. We hadn't seen each other in 5 years and it really felt like no time had passed. Those are the kinds of friends I want in my life. Even if we don't keep in too much contact, we see each other and it's like it was yesterday. I have about 10 friends in the states where I have some semblance of that and of course it's a scale of how easy it is for us to jump right back into it again but that's how it felt with Bluetorch girl (Sorry rubia, I was trying to think of a cooler name for you but thought that fit).

I sang some kick ass karaoke and got pretty drunk but it was another excellent therapy session for me. I got home at 3.40am. Yesterday I had a hangover but it was completely worth it. I had lunch with my mom and then Nate and I drove down to San Diego to hang with Mooney. he took us on beachcruisers for arguably the nicest bike ride I have had in my life, going down by the bay, perfect weather, slight breeze, riding lazily past joggers, rollerbladers, families in the vacation rental patios. We sat on the beach with an 18-pack of Tecate and threw the frisbee and had a great bonding session watching the sun set. It was a glorious last full day in California for 4 months.

I'm flying at 10.30pm tonight to Cleveland, changing planes and then continuing on to Manchester, New Hampshire where my aunt and her girlfriend are going to pick me up. The second part of my "Recovery Tour 2007" is about to start!

I'm walking the last 100 meters to the beach now...


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Howard Brodsly said...

Friends...Jason, you are so right...I have now been in Israel since 81. I have this group of friends that when we are in "town" we can get together to talk, laugh, hug and be friends. and it is if it was yesterday that we saw each other. Enjoy them...they are the true friends that will bring pleasure to your soul.

When you see Annie you give her an extra hug from me. Haven't seen her in over 10 years I think.

Warm regards


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