Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How I came into posession of Sweet Pickle Salad

It was Spring 2001. There was excitment and buzz about a new Black Crowes' album and people were hoping it would be better than BYS. I organize a Tall Day in LA in late March 2001. We had dinner (about 15 of us) and then went and saw Beachwood Sparks play. It was an ominous evening, especially when you consider just 5 months later the Sparks would be the opening band for the 2001 summer/fall tour.

A lot of us became friends that night but some of us already knew each other. There was a new girl there and she came with her then-husband and two of his buddies. I'm sure they were convinced we were going to be axe-wielding freaks but of course we were just freaks without axes. Anyway, as we were having drinks and getting ready to go in and check out the show, the girl mentioned that she had a friend who was part of some recording session that Chris and Marc had been a part of. Of course I expressed interest and about a week later a CD came in the mail.

I was at my then-girlfriend's place and popped in the CD. Immediately it became clear that something huge had just come into my hands. Here was a 5 song EP of some of the best rock the 90's produced and no one knew about it. It was only a name at that time, no one really knew much about the music and if they did, the quality was shit at best. I immediately made 5 copies of the album and mailed them to people around the country who would best understand and appreciate what they had just received. There's no need to name those people but within a couple of months it started to circulate and then later one of those 5 people upgraded the sound but it was from that recording I had sent them.

I'm sure that the girl who gave it to me would have been mad at the time had she known but now it's 6.5 years later and who gives a patootie, right?

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