Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cheesesteak and Thomas Jefferson

hey ya'll,

Just have a couple of minutes left here at the library, wanted to tell you I took the train into the city, met a guy who works in a hospital and is going to Germany for the first time next week to Heidelberg for his brother's wedding. I went into Chinatown and bought a small tambourine because I decided to get my drum out of the living room and have it in my bedroom and create a little creative corner where people can play the drum or tambourine when they will, create a little lovin', ya know what I'm sayin?

It's humid and icky today and I walked down Market St a bit and then turned right and accidentally found the house where Thomas Jefferson composed most of the Declaration of Independence and what's so cool is that it was considered "outside the city" at the time but it's in the heart of the city now. It's inspiring to think of that period of history, the ideals and morals and intelligence of the men who founded this country. They would be sick to their stomachs to see what their ideal turned into but that's another blog post.

I asked one of the park rangers at Independence Hall where I should eat my one cheesesteak and he said Jim's on 4th and South Street. It took me 10 minutes to walk over there and it was the same place we (my parents, Assiyeah and I) went to 2 years ago when we were here visiting. It was good but a bit pricey and then I went in search of a bead shop where I'd been twice before. It had moved and I found it at 2nd and Market. I got another cool 'J'-shaped pendant, this time made from bone and had a cute girl named Rachel put it on for me. No, she didn't want to go out for drinks with me and my friends after work. Then I walked up the street awhile and got a call from my buddy Mooney. It was about getting the taxes on his ex-girlfriend's flight back but it involved my credit card and it's a bit sticky but it'll all work out for the best. Without a doubt he and I are going to have a blast in Spain together without the women we had planned on bringing, that's fo sho!

I'm meeting Corrie soon and then 2 hours after that we're meeting Danielle and we'll have some drinks and some early dinner and go from there. Tomorrow I'm on a bus at 11am on my way to NYC. I can't wait but there's still some of today to enjoy!



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