Sunday, August 12, 2007


I sold 275 dollars' worth of photography tonight, 70 of which I have donated to Breast Cancer Research. We had around 50 people at one point, a beautiful sunset with great food and a good mix of people.

It's gonna suck tomorrow breaking "the party" down, taking down tent, etc., but I'm old enough to know that that's just part of it. So you accept and plan to try and act mature and grateful to have the opportunity to help out, especially when my parents put a lot of energy and time (read: money) into the party.

We've planned to sleep in and I'm around until it's finished tomorrow. And then I should buy my parents dinner. That will be my day of atonement, weissh?

p.s. more to tell, about going to the bar after, seeing a kick ass rock band jam out and not having to pay for a drink (2 beers, 2 fancy shots, diet coke). I gave them 10 bucks and one of the dudes returned 5 of it. It's the same bar I spent 80 dollars at 4 nights ago. It all works out in the end. That is the lesson for today, even though it's occurring at 2.24am of the next day: it all works out in th end. See ya tomorrow.


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