Sunday, August 19, 2007


Last night I saw the Black Crowes for the 26th time and it was a really good time! I met some great Black Crowes' fans and we were drinking beers, had dinner together and watched a lot of the show together, which by the way, was on a pier which made it so cool. I really really needed that show, it's like church for me and I got my hands in the air like I'm at a gospel church singing all the words, it is exactly the perfect therapy...

I got an email from Assiyeah yesterday. No big deal, just about some of our furniture and stuff but I definitely found myself tearing up a bit writing her back. I was able to say exactly what I wanted and it really wasn't such a big thing but it reminds me yet again how lucky I am to be in the States another 9 days to have a good time and then, when I get back around 9.30am on August 29th, I can take a shower, eat something and go to IKEA to get my new bed. I wonder if I'll give it a name...just kidding.

I'm going to Providence, Rhode Island tomorrow. It's one of the essentials of travelling, to have open days so when you meet people that say, hey, come and stay at our place for a night or two, you just say cool, sounds good and boom, it's hooked up. I haven't ever really been to providence, just driving through it but I'm looking forward to seeing it and plus, it's only about 40 minutes from boston airport. i got another offer to stay with a guy in boston i met last night too so that's another option for me. Options are good.


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