Friday, August 03, 2007

100 dollars in dvds and cds

I felt like buying shit yesterday. Wasn't sure what but I already had had enough books from amazon I have to schlep back that I thought some dvds or cds would be a good idea. This is what I got for 100 dollars or about 75euros:

1)Weeds, season one: About a woman whose husband dies and she starts selling marijuana to make ends meet.
2)Simple Life, season one and four: Remember, I live with two chicks and this is perfect for chilling on a rainy saturday afternoon and watching Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie do various jobs badly, it's good easy television.
3)King of Queens, season 6: my folks gave me one season of this show and I really dug it and it wasn't too expensive so I bought it.
4)Beerfest: a movie from the guys who made Supertroopers about a secret beer drinking contest in Germany and the Americans have to win! Could be taught in a class sometime soon maybe...
5)Sam Cooke, Portrait of a Legend: one of my favorite singers, this is a new best of for him and I had lost my original, now out of print best of with 28 songs. The new one has 30.

Actually, it was about 96 dollars and it felt great!

Also, last night I hung with Zach and Chris and we drank beers (Miller Lite) and watched baseball (the Dodgers lost), ate Pizza (pepperoni) and chilled (hardcore). I crashed there and was up at 6.20am because of jetlag.

Today? Mom and I will get some supplies for the exhibition, go out to lunch and then maybe I'll do a workout and tonight we're doing dinner and then I'm going to see the Simpsons movie with friends. So far, even without female contact yet, I'm having a perfect trip home so far...cheers!


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