Friday, July 13, 2007

My photo exhibition last night!

This was us about 10.30pm last night at the exhibition. I'd have to say it was a success. It wasn't exactly as I had imagined it but then again, what in life is exactly as you imagine it, right?

The weather, thank god, cooperated magnificently. After having rained Monday and Tuesday and part of Wednesday, it was great to have the evening be calm, warm enough to sit outside and for people to relax and enjoy...

Here's a look at one of the exhibition before we opened up. You can see about a third of the photos. These photos are all poster-size and thank god I had them all made so large because the walls were pretty high in the cafe and it gave them a spacious feeling.

Here's Linda giving the opening introduction to the evening. There were about 50 people there at that point. She's a singer in a local R&B band and has a certain stage presence, or at least she has no problem being in front of people.

This was the "social aspect" of the evening, a man giving a reading of some of his experiences in Columbia. It didn't quite fit the mood of what I was trying to go for that evening but still, I was trying to give a cross section of south america and that was part of it. This part lasted only about 8 minutes or so. Then the party got started....

This was a dance group called Emotion that I got for the evening. This piece was called "Jungle" and lasted about 5 minutes, including part of it to that song from Ferris Bueller's that goes, "Oooohhh, yeahhhhh" in a really deep voice. I really enjoyed this, and I think it was something different and fun for the people there. This is when they knew it was time to have a good time.

After I gave my speech about the photos and about why we were having an evening together (which ended in me saying "F*ck the Auslaenderbehoerde (foreign authorities) 3 times), I came outside to see if people were having a good time. This is a very typical scene in Europe when the weather is good but it was cool to think almost all of the people you see in the picture were there because of my photo exhibition.

This is the culmination of the evening: Corina, Jessi, Assiyeah, Johanna, Lisa and Fussil.


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