Saturday, July 28, 2007

My new life

I wasn't in the mood to go out. I needed to organize some stuff and I also had a private lesson at 11am this morning and Assiyeah was coming over at 12.30pm to go through our things and figure out whose is what. Fun. Anyway...

A teacher called to see if I wanted to get a beer so I said yes. We bought 5 years and then sat in a park and talked about life and sex and politics and we also watched a wino on another park bench across from us, maybe like 30 meters away slumped over and then trying to roll a cigarette and standing and looking like he's peeing and then slumped over again.

After awhile, my buddy had to go so I walked over to Augustiner Square. This is one of my favorite places in my favorite place on earth. It's one of the epicenters of my universe and it was my first time going there as a single guy. It felt strange because there I was, sitting alone on the steps with maybe 30 other people, all of them in couples or small groups. Then two guys started playing some live music with an upright bass and a violin and it was actually quite groovy music and I immediately went to sit closer to where they were playing. Then I met a guy from Argentina. And then two guys from Mongolia. We were catching a buzz and having a good time. Then a second band started and they were kick ass. They were 4-5 pieces, with horn, upright bass, guitar, percussion and it was roots rockabilly and an amazing groove. I literally went up and stood right in front of them to catch the vibe while all of the germans were sitting and either listening and enjoying or listening passively or just having their own conversations.

It turns out the second band was from Belgium. They were "brought" here by the drummer of another band I saw a couple of weeks ago on that fateful night when I learned that something in my relationship was horribly wrong. I got to know these guys and it turns out that they are playing in Swamp tonight. You may not know this, but there is a bar called Swamp and I just happen to live above it. So this band that I was totally digging last night is going to play again tonight in the bar at the bottom of my building. I'll be there with bells on. We made plans to eat dinner at Walfisch together.

I also saw a student of mine, a very attractive girl who most definitely out of my league. Her boyfriend broke up with her a few months ago and I remember giving her some advice which she proceeded to give me last night. It was really nice talking to her and she seemed genuinely interested and sympathetic to my problems.

I also went to O'Kellys and saw an Australian guy I know who is moving to Norway soon. I dragged him to Jos Fritz to see the photos and then I sat with a couple of women, one who is gay and the other who was bi. Finally about 3am it was time to go home but I met other people but then I saw a Spanish girl who also works at O'Kellys and she was with a couple of friends and so we had another drink. They were with a couple of Italian girls, a Portuguese guy and a German girl.

I finaly got home around 4.15am, slept until about 10.15, took a shower, had the private lesson and then Assiyeah was here, it was tough but it's over and she will leave me some furniture which is nice of her and now I'm alone in the apartment, hungry and in about 5 hours I'm going to be having a good time again.

That was my first Friday night single in 7.5 years. I guess I'm going to be okay.


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