Monday, July 02, 2007

Lauren's coming, work permit and weather

1)Lauren is coming to visit! She's like a cousin to me, and I've known her since she was about 10 or so (she's 24 now I think) and we'd open presents together on Xmas eve with her sisters and brother and other cousins who are all sort of my family too. She'll be here this weekend, we got Ziggy Marley planned on Thursday night, maybe going to a company class with me on Friday, and maybe we'll do something big on the weekend so she can see how we roll here!

2)My work permit expires on Friday. That's my mom's birthday. Can you believe that this shit is still going on? This problem started in late March 2006 and now we have July 2007. More than 15 months of dealing with stupid bullshit for my work permit. Reviewing the case succinctly includes the following basic points: I have plenty of work, I have a tax number, I can speak German, I'm integrated into the system, I love it here. While none of these are applicable according to the New Foreigner Law Handbook, I don't care. All of my students cannot believe that this problem is still going on. They should ask me how I feel about it. I guess I'll get a chance to say a few words about it next Thursday at my 3rd Annual Exhibition in Freiburg. Last year in May, I had the chance to say to about 50 people at the last exhibition: "Fuck the Auslaenderbehoerde (the Office for Foreigner Registration)" twice. A student even came up to me after and asked one of the most classic questions of all time: Jason, what does 'cucumber up their asses' mean?

3)It's July, it's summer, it's cool and gray and rainy. Strange. I just have to pray that the weather on the 12th of July will be friendly to me, please please please!

I got a bunch of stuff to do this week, like getting an extension to my temporary work permit, buying the boards for my photos and put them on so that one major part of the exhibition is finished, I have a good amount of work, Lauren's coming to visit, it's my mom's birthday on Friday and I'll be home at the end of this month, how insane is that?


At 6:47 AM, Blogger J said...

Go on then, tell us what's happening on 12 July.

At 7:58 AM, Blogger hell.yes. said...

If I remember correctly he said his zodiac sign was cancer, so the 12th of July could be his birthday?! On the other hand he doesn't seem very "cancerish", so I might be wrong about that.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Jason said...

It is my multimedia event I am planning with photos from south america, some fashion and other tidbits of funnnes... that is july 12th.


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